Revised 2012

Whereas, at a meeting of the Fire Chiefs and members of the Fire Departments of the Sudbury District, in the Province of Ontario on January 11th, 1966, it was decided by all present that the Fire Departments of the above mentioned District should participate in a Mutual Fire Aid Association, to assist participating Departments in case of a major fire or other emergency.

And whereas the Municipal Councils or governing bodies of the participating Fire Departments granted authority, by-law of council or other required authorization, for their Fire Department apparatus and Fire Fighters to leave the limits of their respective municipalities or areas that they may normally protect, at the discretion of the Chief or his designated representatives, to assist in this plan.

And whereas, accordingly and pursuant to a resolution passed by said Departments at a meeting held at Balfour Township on the 15th day of February 1966, we the members adopt the following constitution and by-laws.

Article 1:      Name

1.1)  The organization shall be known as the “Sudbury District Mutual Fire Aid Association”.


Article 2:      Objectives

2.1)  The objectives of this Association are to promote and further the development of District Mutual Aid by having a prearranged plan whereby municipalities may obtain apparatus and manpower in case of a major fire or other emergency, as well as maintaining adequate protection for the balance of the Districts concerned.

2.2)  To further the development of Fire Prevention, Protection and Education by providing a clearing house for problems and any matters pertaining to Fire Departments, through regular meetings held in the different areas concerned.

2.3)  To promote the friendly interests of the members of the associated Departments, as well as better relations with their governing bodies, by said bodies being invited to participate in the meetings in their respective areas.

2.4)  To promote training and fire prevention programs.


Article 3:      Membership

3.1)  Any organized Fire Department in the District concerned may apply for membership, or if in a neighboring area where it is felt by the Association to be operationally efficient and to the advantage of the areas as a whole, such a Department could become a member.

3.2)  Three (3) members of each Department shall constitute the voting membership of the Association.  This does not prevent all members of any Department from attending the meetings of the Association.

3.3)  Any member may call for a roll call vote on any motion.

3.4)  All officers of the Association must be in good standing in their respective Departments and this Association.

3.5)  Membership will include Honorary Members.

3.6)  Membership will include Associate Members.

3.7)  Membership will include, that with the concurrence of the Membership, a person may be granted a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with all of the privileges of an active member.  A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP can only be granted to individuals who have served on the executive for at least 10 years and have contributed greatly to the well-being of this Association and wish to continue doing so.

3.8)  The Constitutional Review Committee will meet annually, on a date to be determined by the chairperson, to review all applications for Honorary or Lifetime memberships and make recommendations to the membership concerning same.

3.9) All applications for Honorary and Lifetime memberships are to be in the hands of the secretary before the November meeting of each year.

3.10) All Active and Lifetime members are eligible to nominate members to Honorary and Lifetime memberships.

3.11) Any Department not in good standing with this Association will not be eligible for any Mutual Aid sponsored training program or function.


Article 4:      Officers

4.1)  The officers of this Association shall consist of:  President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer.

4.2)  Two (2) Auditors shall be elected from the membership at the Annual Meeting.


Article 5:      Committees

5.1)  Executive Committee:  The executive committee shall consist of the officers of the Association.

5.2)  Standing Committees:  (1) Program (2) Education

5.3)  Special Committees:  Special committees may be elected by the members or appointed by the President for periods which may be required to complete their respective assignments.

5.4)  Each committee shall elect a Chairman.

5.5)  The President shall be a member Ex-officio of all committees.


Article 6:      Meetings

6.1)  The Association shall meet in March, May, September and November.  The annual meeting shall be held at the regular meeting in March.

6.2)  The May and September meetings shall be held at the same location as the scheduled training weekends.

6.3)  There shall be a rotation of the meetings to all departments in the District.  The meetings shall be divided equally between the East & West sections of the District as follows:

          WEST                                                      EAST

Baldwin                                                 Cartier

Espanola                                                Greater Sudbury

Nairn and Hyman                                Estaire – Wanup

Sables – Spanish River                         French River

Sagamok Anishnawbek                        Killarney

Whitefish Falls and Willisville            Markstay – Warren

Whitefish River (Birch Island)             St. Charles

Xstrata Nickel

6.4) When a guest speaker is proposed for a regular meeting, an approximate   cost of their appearance must be made known beforehand and approved by the members.

6.5)  The Association shall host a Spring and Fall training weekend session annually at a location as designated by the executive (May and September).  The training session shall begin on the Friday and end on the Sunday.  Members of the education committee will have the agenda in place at least 60 days in advance.

6.6)  At the beginning of every meeting, the Chairperson will ask the members present if there have been any deaths in their Departments or Associate Members immediate families since our last meeting. Notification may also be sent to the Secretary by anyone, prior to each meeting.  If there has been a death, one minute of silence will be observed in their honour.

6.7)  No alcoholic beverages are to be served before or during the meeting.  The host Department will determine if alcoholic beverages are to be served after the meeting and will be held totally responsible for any actions which may occur as a result of serving such alcohol.

6.8) After the motion to adjourn has been carried, the President will say “I declare this meeting closed.  We thank you for attending.”

6.9)  Host Department Meeting Requirements:

a)  To provide a room of sufficient size with chairs, head table with water pitcher and glasses, a blackboard and chalk if possible, or a flip chart with markers.

b)  Provide adequate parking space for visitors, and guidance to the location of the meeting.

c)  Prepare welcoming remarks and introduction of local guests.

d)  Invite local guests if desired: Mayor, Reeve, Councilor, M.P.P., etc.

e)  The host Department is responsible for the preparation and planning of the host program content of the regular meeting and that there is some direction from the Executive Committee regarding what should be included.  The Executive Committee is not to dictate to the Fire Chief what they are to have as a host program, but act as a liaison if the Chief is having difficulties putting a program together.

f)  Food and refreshments should not be served until after the meeting has concluded.


Article 7:      Amendment

7.1)  The Constitution and/or By Law may be amended at a regular meeting of the Association by an affirmative vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members present, providing written Notice of Motion has been received by the Secretary-Treasurer, thirty (30) days in advance and that the Notice of Motion has been read at the previous meeting.


Article 8:      Fees

8.1 The annual membership fee shall be decided upon at the annual meeting in March of each year.

The annual membership fee shall be as follows:

a)  2 stations or less                              $40.00 annually

b)  3-10 stations                                    $25.00 per station annually

c)  11 stations and over                       $15.00 per station annually

8.2)  In the event that this Association disbands, the Executive Officers are authorized to divide the surplus equally among all paid up Fire Departments.


Article 9:      Elections

9.1)  Nominations are to take place at the September meeting.  Elections are to be held at the November meeting.

9.2)  New Officers shall be installed at the regular March meeting of each year.

9.3)  The incoming Executive shall be sworn-in at a ceremony conducted by the Coordinator of the Mutual Aid System or his representative.

9.4)  In order to decline a position, the person nominated must be present at the nomination meeting or must inform the Secretary of the Association in writing of his/her decision to decline the nomination, prior to the meeting that the election takes place.


Article 10:    Duties of Officers

10.1) President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, Regular, Executive and Special.  He/She shall sign all orders drawn on the Secretary-Treasurer, call special meetings at the request of the majority of the Executive Committee, or when he/she deems it necessary.  He/She shall conduct the meetings according to the Constitution and the By-laws and be governed by Parliamentary procedure.

10.2) 1st Vice President:  In the absence of the President, the 1st Vice President shall preside and perform all the duties of the presiding officer.  If a vacancy should occur in the office of the President, the 1st Vice President shall thereupon become President of the Association and shall continue as such until a successor has been chosen by the Membership.

10.3) 2nd Vice President: In the absence of the 1st Vice President, the 2nd Vice President shall preside and perform all the duties of the presiding officer.  If a vacancy should occur in the office of the 1st Vice President, the 2nd Vice President shall thereupon become the 1st Vice President of the Association and shall continue as such until a successor has been chosen by the Membership.

10.4) Secretary-Treasurer:  The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of the Association Membership at the meetings, record in a minute book all meetings, regular, special and executive.  Act as custodian of the minute book and record all data of interest of the Association.  He/She shall receive all monies payable to the Association and deposit same in a chartered bank designated by the President.  All cheques drawn by the Treasurer shall be counter signed by the President.  The Treasurer shall be bondable and shall submit reports as requested.


Article 11:    Order of Business


a)       Call meeting to order

b)       Ask if any deaths have occurred since last meeting

c)       State the Objectives

d)       Roll call

e)       Introduction of Visitors

 f)       Visitors Remarks

g)       Approval of the Minutes of the last Meeting

h)       Presentation of Bills

 i)       Correspondence

 j)       Reports of Committees

k)       Number of Mutual Aid Activations

 l)       Unfinished Business

 m)      New Business

n)       Place of Next Meeting

o)       Announcements

p)       Adjournment


Article 12:    Gratuities

12.1) The membership shall decide, as they see fit, any gift or form of recognition for a member on an individual basis, to be presented at an association meeting.


Article 13:    Profane language

13.1) The use of profane language is not to be tolerated during all meetings of the Association.


Article 14:    Bereavement Policy

14.1) Should a member of this Association experience a death in his/her immediate family (consisting of wife/husband, children, mother or father), the Association, upon receiving this notification, will send an Association Card of condolence and flowers in the amount of $85.00 to the bereaved family, or if the family requests it, a donation of the same value to a charity of their choice.


Article 15:    Signing authority

15.1) Beginning in the year 2009, there shall be three (3) signing Authorities for this Association.

15.2) These authorities will be: the President, the First Vice President and the Secretary-Treasurer.

15.3) All cheques drawn on the Association bank accounts must be countersigned by two (2) of the three (3) signing authorities.

15.4) The signing authorities will remain in place until the incoming Executive has completed all legal requirements of the bank.