About Us

The Sudbury District Mutual Aid Association was established on February 15, 1966. Membership is open to any organized Fire Department in the District.

Our objectives are:

  • To promote and further the development of District Mutual Aid by having a prearranged plan whereby municipalities may obtain apparatus and manpower in case of a major fire or other emergency, as well as maintaining adequate protection for the balance of the District.
  • To further the development of Fire Prevention, Protection and Education by providing a clearing house for problems and any matters pertaining to Fire Departments, through regular meetings held in the different areas concerned.
  • To promote the friendly interests of the members of the associated Departments, as well as better relations with their governing bodies, by said bodies being invited to participate in the meetings in their respective areas.
  • To promote training and fire prevention programs.


Contact Info: President  Mark Whynott ( mwhynott@markstay-warren.ca )